Seaport Airlines

Lessons from the pandemic: don’t wait

We’ve learned a lot of things during this pandemic.

Some of those things are way too personal to share here. Others we’re going to file under “do this going forward.”

For example, when spending days working and drinking coffee, we’re going to use the smaller mug and try to keep a lid on the caffeine.

And instead of putting away so many things for ‘the right time’ or ‘that special day,’ we’re going to use them.

Case in point: the one-way travel pass the folks at Seaport Airlines handed out at an event I attended more than five years ago. It may have been longer ago than that.

The small commuter airline was based in Portland, OR, and operated from 2008 through 2016 with service from Portland and Memphis to a handful of cities. One of those flights was between Portland International Airport (PDX) and Seattle, leaving from King County International Airport (BFI) – also known as Boeing Field. I was going to fly to Portland on Seaport Airlines, spend the weekend visiting friends and taking advantage of buying things with no sales tax, and take the train home. I put the pass away because I waiting for just the right time. And I let it slide.

The pass fell out of a folder today when I was looking for something else. And I felt sad about that lost opportunity.

But after I shared a snap of the pass on social media, Scott McMurren of the travel newsletter forwarded the post to Kent Craford, one of the founders of Seaport Airlines. He’s now with Alaska Seaplanes and he sent me an email saying he’d honor my pass up there. And he said, “I’ll even upgrade your pass to round-trip.”

Making plans now…