Red Bull Flugtag

Those magnificent folks in their flying machines

Not sure if this is really an “airshow,” but if you can’t afford to fly to anywhere this summer you might enjoy attending – or even competing in – the Red Bull Flugtag.

Taking its name from the German for “flying day,” and touching down riverside in various cities around the world since 1991, the goal of this “outrageous, human-powered flying competition,” is to launch wacky homemade aircraft from a 25-foot high flight deck and fly as a far as possible before landing in the water. Judges award points for distance, craft creativity and showmanship.

This year, Red Bull Flugtag events were scheduled for three US cities. More than 100,000 people showed up to watch 35 teams compete in Tampa Bay a few weeks back, and there are two more FREE events this summer: in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, Aug 2nd and in Chicago on Saturday, Sept 6th.

(Photo credit: Wright State University)