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Giveaway Tuesday: Outer Space scene

How about a trip to outer space?

You many not have enough money – or guts – to reserve a spot on one of the Virgin Galactic flights, but you can play around with the idea if you had this cute Outer Space travel kit that comes complete with aliens, rocket ships and 28 other cute, reusable vinyl stickers.

Outer space kit 1

outer space 2

Want it? Leave a note in the comment section about what city – or planet – you’re headed to next and we’ll pick a winner and send it along.

(Stuck at the Airport headquarters is moving – so stay tuned for more giveaway items.)

Souvenir Sunday: emergency underpants at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

What would the souvenir stand look like at the airport where flights took off for outer space?

Greenwood Space Travel Supply co.

Shopping at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply co

No doubt just like the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. in Seattle, where there’s an Atomic Teleporter on-site and shelves full of useful and just plain fun and bizarre things for that out-of-this-world trip.

Greenwood Travel Supply Co. space teleporter

Come by later

Unfortunately – or maybe, fortunately – the space teleporter was out of service this weekend when we stopped by, but that just left more time for shopping.

Travel supplies at Greenwood Travel Supply Co.

Our goal on Souvenir Sunday is to find the best and, ideally, the most offbeat items in the under $10 range. Often, that’s a challenge.

Not here.

We found these luggage tags good for intergalactic travel:

Luggage tags for intergalactic travel

Don't lose your luggage in outer space

A useful repair kit:

And the perfect snack food for the ride.

Freeze-dried ice cream

Snacks for the trip

And, because you never know just what will happen on any trip, we stocked up on some emergency underpants in convenient reusable tins.

Emergency underpants in tiny can

Be prepared

Whether the space teleporter ever gets fixed or not, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. is an incredibly fun place to stock up on travel supplies for any sort of adventure.  It’s also a good cause: all proceeds from the shop benefit 826 Seattle, a non-profit writing center that helps young people develop their writing skills. When we stopped by there was a neighborhood-wide hang-out-in-the-street-event going on and these young writers were creating and performing poems based on quick interviews with passersby.

Greenwood Space Travel Supply co. front

If you’re stuck at an airport somewhere on earth, take a look in the souvenir shop. If you find something there that’s fun, offbeat and under $10, please take a photo and send it along. Your souvenir may show up on a future edition of Souvenir Sunday. And if it does, we’ll send a special souvenir your way.

Greetings from Earth

Wish you were here