One Flew South

Good eats at the airport

The Luxaholics folks are making sure their readers are in the know about airports and air travel.

Last week they asked for my tips on making a coach seat more cushy and first-class-like.

This week, they’ve asked me to share a few tips on airport dining. I did my best, suggesting wine bars such as Vino Volo (various locations), the new One Flew South outpost at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), and a slew of others.  Moments after I sent along my tips (and walked out the door to the airport armed with a bag of leftovers from my fridge) this great article about airport dining by Matt Gross appeared in the New York Times.


Fresh sit-down dining options at O’Hare and Atlanta Int’l Airport

If you find yourself stuck at O’Hare International Airport or Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (and this time of year, it’s a fair chance you will) keep and eye out for these new sit-down restaurants:

At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, a branch of local favorite Stefani’s Tuscany Café is now open in Terminal 1, Concourse B near Gate 18. The cafe serves northern Italian dining specialties including pastas, pizzas and wines. (The restaurant has a popular location on Taylor Street in Chicago’s “Little Italy” neighborhood and branches throughout the Chicago area.)

And Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) now has its first fine-dining restaurant: One Flew South.

The menu highlights ingredients from regional producers and includes items such as BBQ Duck Sandwich, Benton’s bacon & Sweet Grass Dairy goat cheese salad, and pecan & Georgia honeysticky bun with whiskey ice cream, pecan brittle, and sweet potato crisp.

Sounds yummy!

In addition to a sushi bar, the restaurant’s cocktail list, dubbed “Salute to Aeromarine,” pays homage to the four years starting in 1920 that Aeromarine Airways carried wealthy passengers from Miami to Nassau and Havana aboard flying boats(‘Floatplanes’) so that the guests could drink legally during the Prohibition era.

The restaurant is located in the E Concourse and is open daily.