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Souvenir Sunday: collectible NWA airplane toys

On Sundays here at we look at some of the souvenirs you can buy at airports. Our favorites are the items that are inexpensive (around $10) and a bit offbeat.

Last week, Seattle-based traveler Jon Douglas spotted this tiny Northwest airplane for sale at Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU).

Northwest Airlines planes are no longer flying, so this is definitely already a collectible. And Douglas was a bit sorry that he didn’t buy this toy when he had the chance.

No worries, Jon! Look what we found for sale in the gift shop at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Everett, WA:

This cute stuffed NWA toy –

And this tiny NWA keychain that not only flashes red lights but emits take-off sounds when you push a button.

(Keychain courtesy Sandy Ward)

Have you found a great souvenir while you were stuck at the airport ? If it’s under $10, “of” the city or region, or just cool and bit offbeat, please take a photo and send it along. Your souvenir may end up featured on a future edition of Souvenir Sunday.

One – not so good – way to lighten your load at the airport

As you set out for weekend adventures…here’s a reminder to keep an eye on all your stuff at the airport. And another reason why carry-on only is a good option.   From the Portland Business Journal:

Two Northwest Airlines baggage handlers have been charged with stealing more than 200 items from passenger luggage at Portland International Airport…

The arrests are the result of a two-week investigation by Port of Portland police, which recovered 200 stolen items ranging from laptop computers and jewelry to hand bags and clothing, the port said.

Travelers who believe items were stolen from their baggage at PDX are asked to call port police at 503-460-4747.


Time travel: Delta and Northwest merger

Lots of news stories out this week about the official merger of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines. And that gave Marie Force, Delta’s Archives Manager, an excuse to poke around the Northwest Airlines site for her regular Friday entry on the Delta blog.

She discovered that ‘Northwest’s many contributions range from the first closed-cabin plane for passengers (in 1926) to the first global airline alliance (with KLM).”  And she posted a link to Northwest’s timeline.