MSP Int’l Airport

Souvenir Sunday at MSP Int’l Airport

It’s Souvenir Sunday, the day to take a look at some of fun, inexpensive items you can find in the shops when you’re stuck at the airport.

Usually we seek out locally themed items, but this week’s treat is more of a surprise find: a stash of  ‘do-they-still-sell-those?’  Snoballs, Ho Hos and Twinkies spotted for sale at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

msp hoho_edited

And, for use by those who find themselves regretful after eating those snacks: complimentary treadmill desks:


Room for nursing moms at MSP Int’l Airport

MSP Lactation room

Joining a growing trend at airports, Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) has created two spaces for nursing moms.

Both spaces have deep sinks for cleaning equipment, easily accessible electrical outlets, soft lighting, artwork, comfortable seating and are located in Terminal 1-Lindbergh. One is on Concourse F near Gate F2, the other is on Concourse C across from Gate C13. More rooms are in the works.

To use the room, travelers need to check-in at an information booth and get a volunteer on duty to unlock he door. After the room is used, it gets cleaned and ready for the next mom.

MSP isn’t the only airport to have a nursing room for moms. Burlington International Airport in Vermont installed a self-standing lactation station in August 2013.


As part of its recent reboot, in October of 2014 Dallas Love Field added a nursing room as well.

Love Field - Nursing Room

An increasing number of other airports have rooms set aside for nursing moms. Some are corners of existing rest rooms, others are specific-use. Look on an airport’s website for the locations or ask at an information booth when traveling.

Here’s the stand-alone structure for baby care and nursing moms at the Singapore Changi Airport

Terminal 1 - Transit - Nursing Rooms for Mothers