Louise Nevelson

Spotted at Southwest Florida International Airport

Louise Nevelson

Southwest Florida International Airport has changed a bit since the last time I was through. There a some fresh shops and food outlets, but the big change is this giant sculpture called Dawn’s Forest by Louise Nevelson.

The 3.3. ton multimillion-dollar white wooden work was last at the Naples Philharmonic Center, which has loaned it – likely for good – to the airport.

It’s also likely that most people don’t even realize it’s a sculpture. Seating is set up inside the main geometric component of the work, creating a bright, living-room-like space that appears to be well-used.

Southwest Florida Int’l Airport gets major artwork

An intriguing, unusual and important sculpture by noted artist Louise Nevelson has been moved from Florida’s Naples Museum of Art to the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Ft. Myers.

Nevelson Dawn's Forest

The giant sculpture, Nevelson’s last major work, is called Dawn’s Forest, and is a seven piece, all-white, abstract work made of balsa plywood.

Nevelson Dawn's Forest wide

The work is hard to miss: there’s an 11-foot tall, 26-foot long relief panel, a platform that is 54-foot long by 22-foot tall, three hanging elements and two free-standing columns that are nearly 25 feet tall. Look for it pre-security in the East Atrium between Concourse B and C.

Dawn’s Forest was originally commissioned by the Georgia-Pacific Paper Company, which placed the sculpture in the lobby of the company’s Atlanta headquarters in 1986. After the company’s building underwent remodeling, the Nevelson sculpture went to the Naples Museum of Art, which has given it as a loan to the airport.

There’s at least one other airport that has a piece of art by Louise Nevelson. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has an all-black piece, called Night Flight 1 on the mezzanine, near the airport offices.


Museum Monday: Louise Nevelson sculptures at airports

For years, this work by Louise Nevelson titled “Night Flight 1” has been on display at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Louise Nevelson’s “Night Flight 1”

The work used to be in a very public part of the terminal but, while still accessible, is now located in the lobby area of the airport’s conference center on the south mezzanine.

Now another airport is going to get a work by this important artist.

Last week it was announced that Nevelson’s ‘Dawn Forest,’ a giant 12-piece abstract sculpture that weighs more than three tons and is owned by the Naples Museum of Art in Florida, will be loaned to the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers for a two-year exhibit that should begin at the start of the busy winter holiday travel season.

Before Louise Nevelson’s ‘Dawn Forest’ was given to the Naples Museum of Art it was displayed at Georgia-Pacific’s Atlanta headquarters.