Little Mermaid

Souvenir Sunday at Copenhagen Airport

Now that Christmas is over we can turn to another important holiday: Souvenir Sunday.

Lucky for us, this holiday comes around every weekend and gives us the chance to shop for and celebrate fun, offbeat and inexpensive souvenirs we can find when we’re stuck at the airport.

And you just never know when you’re going to be stuck at an airport.

A few weeks back, Clark Massad got stuck at Copenhagen Airport for a few hours as he was trying to make his way home to Paris from New York. Massad had been in New York for the reception of the world’s first in-flight gay and lesbian weddings, which were held on an SAS flight originating in Stockholm. (I was on that flight and you can read my report of that historic event here on

But, good traveler that he is, Massad went souvenir shopping while he was stuck at Copenhagen Airport

Here’s his shopping report:

“These hats were not technically for sale, but I found them to be quite funny and good photo subjects so I discreetly snapped them.”

Copenhagen Airport xmas hats

“These felt coasters and trivets in beautiful, bright colors were only 4€ each! [About $5.25].I bought six of them to scatter around the house or on the table for parties. Unfortunately, I later realized they are German made, not Danish…”

Copenhagen Airport souvenirs

“These guys were just cute and I love the way they are arranged on the shelf.”

Copenhagen Airport souvenirs

All wonderful souvenirs of course…. but thank-goodness Clark found these: Copenhagen’s “Little Mermaid” statue.

Copenhagen Airport souvenirs

Thanks, Clark, for sending along these great Souvenir Sunday finds!

Do YOU look for great souvenirs when you’re stuck at the airport?  If you find something that’s inexpensive (around $10), fun, offbeat and, ideally, “of” the city or region, please snap a photo and send it along.  If your souvenirs are featured on Souvenir Sunday you’ll receive a special airport or airline-related souvenir.