Kim Kamens

New art exhibit at Philadelphia Int’l Airport uses nails and thread

The newest exhibition at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is Kim Kamens’ Photobooth.

Instead of using paint, pen or pencils, Kamens uses carpenter nails and sewing thread to make her art.


PHL Director of Exhibitions, Leah Douglas, says:

Kamens’ carefully orchestrated methodology is analogous to drawing as the linear quality of the thread wound from point to point creates the illusion of a highly rendered line drawing. She is able to control the density of the thread by the number of times she connects specific points. The more she repeatedly winds the thread back and forth from one nail to another, the denser these areas become; creating darker shadows and greater depth.

Amazingly, out of the hundreds of nail heads and miles of thread a recognizable image emerges.


Photobooth will be on display through April 2010 in Terminal B (post security) at Philadelphia International Airport