Ice sculpture championships

Places We’d Go: Ice Maze in Stillwater, MN

New Year, New Travel Desires

COVID notwithstanding, we’re on the lookout for places we’d want to visit.

Stillwater, Minnesota is on the list. On January 15, the city opens its Ice Palace Maze to the public.

The Ice Maze has more than 775,000 pounds of ice, a 36-foot ice slide, and half a mile of frozen, twisty passages that light up at night.

Sounds fun, right?

 As a bonus, Stillwater is hosting its Inaugural World Snow Sculpting Championship from Jan. 18-23.

The event is sanctioned by the Association Internationale de Sculpture sur Neige et Glace based in Finland and will feature multiple snow sculpting teams from around the world, including Argentina, Canada, Germany, Turkey, and the US. The judged event will include social activities, a people’s choice award, ceremonies, and more.