Ground stops

Airports & air quality + Fun Hotel contest

Here’s another thing to check before heading to a northeast airport right now: the air quality.

Due to reduced visibility from wildfire smoke drifting down from Canada, on Wednesday, the FAA issued ground stops at New York City area airports. That, of course, created a ripple effect at other airports and is likely to continue for a while.

It’s not only air travel. Wednesday’s Yankees-White Sox game, theater performances, and many other events have been postponed due to poor air quality.

New graduate? Graduate Hotels has an offer.

(Photo credit: Steve Freihon Photography)

Graduate Hotels has a fun job opening for a fresh 2023 graduate.

From June 8 through July 7 the hip hotel chain is accepting applications (contest entries) for what it is calling its Victory Lap program.

The hotel is inviting recent graduates to submit 60-second videos highlighting “the spirit of their college town.”

Four winners will get hired for 10 weeks, for ‘salaries’ starting at $20,000 to travel to 16 cities that have Graduate Hotel properties to gather and create content highlighting those towns.

More details about the contest are available here.