Dusseldorf Airport

Outdoor movies at Düsseldorf Airport

DUS Airport Cinema one

Düsseldorf Airport has brought back its popular outdoor movie program.

Offered weekends throughout July, “OpenAirport Cinema” has seats for about 500 people and is showing both blockbusters such as “Tomorrowland” with George Clooney to classics, such as “Pulp fiction.”

A giant screen is set up on the outdoor observation terrace and everyone gets wireless headphones so they can hear the dialog and the music.

DUS Airport Cinema 2

All-red dinner at Dusseldorf Airport

Dusseldorf Red

Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport has a fun, creative side: an outdoor airport terrace that has hosted an outdoor film night, a robot that parks cars and a monthly event in the pre-security shopping area that has featured everything from a circus to dance performances.

Following up on last year’s “Dîner en bleu” – which featured guests wearing blue clothing, blue decorations and blue-themed food, earlier this month the airport hosted “Dîner en rouge, with everything red: the clothing of the diners, the decorations and the 7-course menu, which included guinea fowl on beetroot-risotto with blood orange and champagne foam.

To be considered as one of the 100 invited guests, potential diners had to share a story about a special shopping experience a Dusseldorf Airport.

At Dusseldorf Airport: pick a card, any card

Bryan Berg – a Guinness World Record holder for cardstacking – paid a visit to Dusseldorf Airport recently and built the New York skyline in the terminal.


The project was an advertisement for an IT company in  Cologne, and included glue-less structures of the Freedom Tower, the Statue of liberty, Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

Berg used 103.950 cards to build the skyline and, just to be sure no one topples it over, the card city sits inside a glass box.

Look for it at Düsseldorf Airport until the end of February.


Dus card 2

Outdoor movies – at the airport.

The amenities at Singapore’s Changi Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and the Incheon International Airport in Seoul include movie theaters.

IMAX at Hong Kong Airport - mock up

Hong Kong Int’l Airport has an IMAX theater

But those are indoor movie theaters.

In what we hope will be a regular feature, last weekend Germany’s Düsseldorf International (which recently adopted a parking robot) offered visitors a chance to see an outdoor movie at the airport.


The one-night cinema had seats for over 700 people and was set up on the airport’s outdoor observation deck.

On Saturday night the German comedy “Nicht mein Tag” was shown. On Sunday, it was James Bond in “Skyfall”.

Moviegoers had perfect outdoor moving-watching weather and, as a bonus, could see airplanes landing and taking off just behind the screen.

And, to make sure everyone could hear the soundtrack, wireless headphones were passed out.



(Movie photos courtesy of Dusseldorf Airport)