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Portland Int’l Airport needs a superhero

The Oregonian is reporting that Portland International Airport (PDX) is back in business after diverting 18 flights Saturday night due to fog and a problem with a malfunctioning computer-operated navigational tool.

As the impressive photo from the Oregonian’s article shows, fog isn’t all that rare in Portland this time of year.  But broken navigational systems are.

CT. Foggy

While we’re stuck at  PDX, if you’re a resident of Oregon or Washington you have until March 20th to enter the PDX  “Be a local super hero” video contest.

All you have to do is make a 60 second video about the airport’s non-stop international service.  Contest entrants are encouraged to wear their own super-hero costume (!), but steer clear of doing anything dangerous.

First prize:  four coach tickets to fly – non-stop- from Portland to Frankfurt, Tokyo or Amsterdam, plus $2,000 spending money.  Second and third place winners get two coach tickets to Frankfurt, Tokyo or Amsterdam, but no spending money.

Sounds like fun.  Here’s a link to enter the PDX Be a local super hero contest.