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What we’re watching: CNBC’s ‘Now Boarding’ on airline frequent flyer programs

Do you play the airline miles status game?

If you fly a lot or know someone who does, you know that achieving status on an airline through actual miles flow plus, increasingly, credit card spending can open the door to travel perks such as free checked bags, upgrades, free drinks, extra legroom, and more.

But is playing the game worth it?

On the latest edition of their weekly ‘Now Boarding’ podcast, CNBC airlines reporter Leslie Josephs and CNBC senior producer Erin Black do a very nice job of discussing frequent flyer status, airline perks, and whether it’s really worth it to play the game.

Adding their expert insights to the discussion are Tom Stuker, who has flown more than 23 million miles (23 million!!!) on United Airlines, and Brett Snyder, who is the founder of the Cranky Network Weekly, an industry analysis site, as well as a travel agency.