Chris McCaw

“Sunburn” exhibit at SFO Museum

Sunburn, by Chris MCaw

Sunburned GSP #683 (Sunrise over San Francisco Bay in twelve negatives) 2013
Chris McCaw gelatin-silver paper negatives

The newest exhibit from the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport features the work of photographer Chris McCaw and includes twelve one-of-a-kind gelatin-silver, black-and-white photographs.

To create each photograph, McCaw let the sun burn a path onto light-sensitive negatives during sunrise on the west side of the San Francisco Bay looking east, near San Francisco International Airport. According to the exhibit notes, “McCaw accidentally discovered this process when failing to close his camera’s shutter by sunrise after an all-night exposure of the stars during a camping trip in 2003.”

Look for Chris McCaw’s “Sunburn” series in SFO Terminal 2  – the D1 North Connector Gallery and find out more about the artist, his photography process and the exhibit here.