Travel light, but stay in touch

Dick Tracy had a two-way wrist radio.

On the 60s TV show, Get Smart, Agent 86 had that infamous shoe phone.

Now there’s the M-Dress: a little black dress that the designers at CuteCircuit describe as a “functional soft electronics mobile phone.”


Here’s how they say it will work:

“The wearer inserts their usual SIM card in the small slot underneath the label and the dress is ready to be used, having the same phone number as your usual phone. When the dress rings, the simple gesture of bringing your hand to the ear will allow the sensor to open the call and when done talking the gesture of releasing the hand downwards will close the call.”

Sounds strange, but somewhat promising, especially if you’re hoping to travel light.

But don’t throw away your iPhone just yet: back in 2006, the same company now touting the M-Dress (“Coming Soon” says the website) invented a sensor-embedded shirt that lets people transmit hugs.

Time Magazine gave the shirt a Best Inventions of the Year award, but the hug shirt has yet to hit the market.