Burlington International Airport

Can’t miss: giant cheese & maple syrup at Burlington Int’l Airport


It’s only Monday, but we already have a contender for “Airport amenity of the week.”

Travelers passing through Burlington International Airport in Vermont will certainly notice the 7-foot-tall jug of Dakin Farm maple syrup and the 7-foot-long block of cheese from the Cabot Creamery.

Dakin Farm and Cabot Creamery are ecstatic to add a little extra Vermont flavor to the Vermont’s most traveled airport, Burlington International Airport – BTV. Our hope is to promote the importance of pure maple and artisan cheese as Vermont’s marquee agricultural products and to put a smile on weary travelers faces. We're making it easy to send a taste of Vermont, nationwide, so anyone can enjoy Vermont’s delicacies anytime, anywhere. Next time you travel through, snap a pic and send it to us! We are already loving the pictures we've seen! 💚 @cabotcheese . . . #dakinfarm #cabot #cabotcheese #vtmaplesyrup #dakinmaplesyrup #btv #bulington #worldslargestmaplesyrupjug #maple #maplefordays #cheddarcheese #cheedarfordays

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The giant, selfie-friendly food items not only promote Vermont-made products, they’re linked to a special on-line offer that includes a discount on a quart of real maple syrup and a free box of buttermilk pancake mix.

Many a Vermont visitor has likely ended up discarding or handing over just-bought bottles and jugs of maple syrup at the BTV security checkpoint, so the mail-order syrup offer is a good way to make sure souvenirs of Vermont make it home.

We’re putting this temporary airport amenity into the pot for Airport Amenity of the Week. But it is only Monday, so if you spot something cool at an airport this week, please add a note in the comment section and we’ll consider your nomination as well.

More artwork from Burlington International Airport

Poke around the Burlington International Airport website and you’ll find out about the free wireless Internet access, the free charging stations (in the North concourse only), the gift shops, the snack bars, and the pre-security One Flight Up Restaurant.

Sadly, you won’t find anything about the public art and changing exhibitions at the airport. For that, you’ll either need to actually be at the airport or get Sara Katz of Burlington City Arts to send you some pictures.

Yesterday, I posted some images of Sky Gates, the murals John Anderson made for four airport skylights.  Ms. Katz was kind enough to send one more photo to share with you.

I also received this photo of Maple, Apple, Birch by Elizabeth Billings & Andrea Wasserman, along with a description of the installation that makes it – and Vermont – sound so very welcoming and inviting.

Maple, Apple, Birch illustrates the Vermont landscape with hand-carved planks of red maple and panels of printed and woven birch veneer. The text is taken from contemporary poems by Cora Brooks of Chelsea and excerpts from the 1800’s diary of Harriet Warren Vail of Pomfret. The carved wooden panels of apple trees and poems, both past and present, depict a time and season that are fundamental to the legacy of Vermont.”

Tidbits for travelers: art at LAX & Burlington Int’l Airport

If you’re going to be out and about in airports this week, here are some things to look for:

At Los Angeles International Airport, there are more than 25 paintings in Op Collage, a new exhibition of abstract forms by artist Yong Sin made from acrylic, masking tape, paper and wood. Look for them in Terminal 1, post-security, by Gates 1 and 2 through the May 2010.

And while its website doesn’t give you a clue about what you’ll find inside, Vermont’s Burlington International Airport (BTV) has some really impressive artwork on-site, including John Anderson’s Skygates: four large murals placed in the the airport skylights. Each mural has its own color theme and content, including “alphabets and notational systems from around the world (red), pictographs and icons from art and cultural history (green), scientific diagrams and formulas (yellow) and cosmology (blue).”

Poking around today I see mention of other permanent and temporary work at BTV and I’ll circle back later in the week with some better images. But in the meantime, here’s just a peek at what’s inside.