British Columba

Day trip to Prince Rupert Airport

You can’t beat the scenery on the shuttle ride to and from the airport in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

The airport is on Digby Island, and to get there I had to take a 30-minute bus and ferry ride.

Air Canada and HawkAir provide daily commercial service and small planes ferry sportsmen to and from the area’s many fishing camps. The amenities are limited to two vending machines, free WiFi, a small play structure for children and a few shelves stocked with “Take one/Leave one” books.

But there are also a few bonus features, including a taxidermy eagle in a glass case and this airplane model that hangs over the waiting area in the hold room.

There are also a series of classic, 1960s-era airline advertising posters in the hallway leading to the administrative offices. My favorite is this one for Alaska Airlines, which has a 3D totem in the lower left corner.

And, get this: after every single flight, the bins at the security checkpoint get a thorough cleaning with an antiseptic solution.