Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport celebrates 50 Years of flights to Fiji

Australia’s Brisbane Airport is marking the 50th anniversary of connecting Queensland with the Pacific paradise of Fiji.

To mark the event, the airport created a charming side-by-side comparison of the 1973 flight versus a 2023 flight by using film discovered and digitized from a news archive.

Air Pacific, seen landing on June 1, 1987, later became Fiji Airways.

Take a look.

Airport residencies: next big thing?

Brisbane orchestra

Courtesy Brisbane Airport

Airport residencies by cultural arts groups seems to be the next big thing.

Australia’s Brisbane Airport (BNE) just announced that a team from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) will be the newest Artist-in-Residence and will present six ‘pop-up’ performances in the international and domestic terminals, with three of these performances taking place before the end of the year.

Brisbane Airport started their Artist-in-Residence program last year and first up was Robert Brownhall, who created a series of works featuring different views of the airport.

Here in the United States, airport artist-in-residence programs are happening too. This year, the Fern Street Circus is in residence at San Diego International Airport, so keep an eye out for an unusual number of Bozos.


Courtesy SAN Airport

Fresh – fishy – art at Brisbane Airport

Woven Wonders of the Reef by Brian Robinson MR

This outdoor playscape by Carins artist Brian Robinson featuring giant fish inspired by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is being celebrated as the finishing touch for Brisbane Airport’s $30 million Skygate expansion.

Brisbane Airport ready for G20 Leaders’ Summit

The G20 Leaders’ Summit is taking place in Brisbane, Australia this week and that means regular commercial flights are likely to be delayed as preference is given to the movement of airplanes carrying world leaders.

To entertain delayed travelers, Brisbane Airport is offering a variety of free activities and amenities, including stations where passengers can take selfies with a panorama of the visiting dignitaries.

There will also be theater performances, G20 flag tattoo give-aways and free coffee with Tim Tams – a very popular Australian chocolate biscuit.

tim tam

Souvenir Sunday at Australia’s Brisbane Airport

It’s Souvenir Sunday – the day we take a look at some of the fun, inexpensive and local items you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.

This week’s items come from Australia’s Brisbane Airport, courtesy of Leonie Vandeven. Our favorite is the painted emu egg, but it’s likely the crocodile meat, emu oil and essence of kangaroo sell quite well too.

Brisbane_Australian Crocodile Meat

Brisbane_Emu Lavender Moisturising Cream

Moisturizer made with lavender oil and emu oil, which is said to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Brisbane_Hand Painted Emu Egg

Hand-painted emu egg.

Brisbane_Nature's Care Australia Essence of Kangaroo

Capsules made from essence of kangaroo are promoted as high in iron, essential amino acids and minerals and good for vitality, virility, general well being, overall health and stamina.