Brickyard Authentics

Souvenir Sunday: Flat pennies from Indianapolis Int’l Airport

A lot of people collect flat pennies – or elongated coins – and you’ll find machines to make these souvenirs at plenty of tourist destinations.

The only place I’ve seen one of these machines at an airport was at the Brickyard Authentics shop at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Put a penny – and a couple of quarters – in the slots and you can have your choice of one of three souvenir pennies.

It’s a great – and at 51 cents – a truly inexpensive airport souvenir, and our pick for this week’s Souvenir Sunday gift.

Have you seen one of these machines at another airport? If so please snap a photo and send it in so we can feature it on a future edition of Souvenir Sunday, when we highlight fun, locally-identified, inexpensive souvenirs you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.