Berlin Bradenburg Airport

Souvenir Sunday at the unopened BER Airport

For an ever-lengthening list of reasons, including what seems to be varying levels of corruption, wild ineptitude and just run of the mill construction issues, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which was originally set to open in 2012, is still unfinished.


When will it open? No one seems to know. And, now that multiple opening dates have been missed, no one seems willing to even give it a guess.

And while no one can fly to or from BER Airport, bus tour of the grounds are offered, in German only, several times a week.

I went along for one of these rides and will be working up a longer report shortly. But, because this is Souvenir Sunday here at, I wanted to share some of the souvenirs I bought at the information station at the base of the viewing tower on airport grounds.

While there was a display case that showed a variety of BER-themed items, including caps,t-shirts, an inflatable ball, a lanyard, a tote bag and a tiny lunch box, the gals at the front desk seems surprised – almost shocked – when I said I wanted to buy a half dozen items.

Purchases seemed to be so rare that they couldn’t figure out how to run my credit card through the machine and, had it not been for the 27 Euros in cash my translator loaned me, I wouldn’t have been able to take home what I’m sure are already quite collectible souvenirs.


The little bear is cute. The tiny lunch box? Adorable. But I think my favorite BER souvenir is the tote bag with the image of the airplane made up of food, drink and activities BER passengers will have to wait a long time to enjoy.