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Homework assignment for those wayward Northwest pilots

What were those two Northwest pilots up to when they missed the turn-off for Minneapolis last week?

“Going over their schedules” on their laptop computers is the latest explanation.

I liked some of the other theories that were floating around better. Like the one about an alien abduction.  Now that would have been interesting.

But now that we know that the pilots had their laptops open, maybe these two just lost time surfing the web.  Perhaps they’d found their way over the Just for Kids section of San Diego International Airport Web site.

There’s a whole section of aviation-related activities there, including coloring pages, mazes, crossword puzzles,  riddles  (Why did the elephant take so long to get on the plane? He had to check his trunk),  and information about everything from aviation legends to space exploration.

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Of special interest to the Northwest pilots, might be this page that details the codes pilots are supposed to use when communicating with the traffic control tower.

Aviation codes