Automated airport kiosk

Automated airport kiosks offer useful items

Honest Company kiosk

Automated kiosks at airports selling everything from high-end cosmetics to Kindles, phone chargers and other electronics are no longer a rare sight. And, unlike airport stores which close their gates at night, these vending machines are open 24 hours.

I’m pleased to see that the offerings in these machines are getting broader.
3FlOZ has kiosks stocked with TSA-compliant travel-sized essentials in a dozen airports. And kiosks from the Honest Company, stocked with everything from diapers to bug spray and other “Oops, I forgot” items, are beginning to appear in airports as well.

honest commpany sign

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find inside these kiosks:

Four curated collections including a “travel kit” complete with on-the-go essentials from toothpaste to lotion; a “founder’s favorite” featuring traveler must-have products from hand sanitizer spray to lip balm; “diapers and wipes” kit and a “baby care” kit. Additionally, the kiosks feature over 26 personal and baby items for purchase from Honest’s product suite ranging from baby swim trunks to Shave Oil to Immunity Defense tablets to Conditioning Mist.

So far, the kiosks are in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Concourse C + D), John F. Kennedy International Airport (Terminal 5 + 7), DFW Airport (Terminal B, C, D), Minneapolis-St. Paul Int’l Airport (Terminal 1) and in Houston’s George Bush International Airport in the Terminal D/E connector.