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Museum Monday: “Propliners” at SFO

A new exhibition at the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport shows off scale models of propeller-driven transport aircraft used in the design, manufacturing and marketing process of the aviation industry in the late 1940s and 1950s.

According to the museum, these propliner models helped the airlines imagine the new airliner operating within their fleet and were used promote their services in airline offices and travel agencies.

This exhibition includes twenty-three models from the Collection of Anthony J. Lawler. “They represent the age of postwar propliners, which lasted until the 1960s when faster, more fuel-efficient and propeller-less turbojet airliners superseded them.”

Look for the propliners in the front cases of the Aviation Museum and Library in SFO’s International Terminal through December 2011.

You can also get a preview here.

Photos courtesy of SFO Museum

Museum Monday: Discover the Airport! Exhibit at Syracuse Airport

There are more than 700 aviation and space-related museums in this country.

Each Monday we visit one of them.  Eventually we’ll hit them all.

This week’s pick: the Discover the Airport! Exhibit at New York’s Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

The exhibit is located right there in the main lobby of the airport terminal and includes the cockpit of a Boeing 727, landing gear, a baggage tug, a mock air control tower and a “marshaller” display that lets you learn about – and practice – signaling techniques needed to help aircraft take-off and land safely.

Sounds like fun!

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Syracuse Hancock Airport luggage tug