airport amenities w available at Schiphol Airport.

Toe nibbling at Schiphol Airport

Back to Life Fish Spa at Schiphol

How do you feel about getting your toes nibbled on at the airport?

If you’ve got time to spend at Schiphol Airport you can now visit the Back the Life Fish Spa, on the airport’s Holland Boulevard, where exfoliating foot treatments consist of Garra Rufa fish nibbling at your feet.

This isn’t the first airport to offer fishy-foot treatments. You can get the dead skin on your feet nibbled away by fish at the Standsted Airport through the end of 2011 and at airports in Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Manchester and several other cities.

The new Garra Rufa treatment at Schiphol costs about $34 for 20 minutes and about $41 for 25 minutes.

If you give it a try, let us know how you – and your feet – like it.