An arty take on the airline tray table

(By Pedro Campiche (NEW YORK CITY) – New York Skyline)

Delta Air Lines teamed up with Coca-Cola to use the tray tables on one of the airline’s airplanes as a gallery to show off 12 artist-made images of popular destinations around the world, including Amsterdam, Atlanta, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

In addition to showing the art on the tray tables of one 767 airplane, the original trays will be shown in Concourse A, between gates A15 and A11 at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Here are a few more of the images:

This one is by Ping Zhu, from Shanghai.

The tray table art above – with Dutch waffles and bicyclists floating through flower-lined streets – is by Sac Magique of Amsterdam. The one below is Skip Hursch’s take on Mexico City, using a modern lens on traditional Central American textile design.

Here’s Stevie Gee’s take on Los Angeles.

And here’s how James Eads shares Paris.