6D theater

Amsterdam Airport gets a 6D theater

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport already has a casino, a library, an indoor/outdoor park, a museum and plenty of great shopping and dining options. A floating bus tour  – the Floating Dutchman – recently began offering a city tour beginning at the airport as well.

Now the airport has opened the first 6D XD theater in an airport.

Located in the pre-security Schiphol Plaza, across from the Meeting Point, the XD theater puts visitors in special motion-based seats that offer “rides” that includes sound, wind and lighting effects.

The journey is pretty short, just four or five minutes per film, but there are currently three films to choose from:  Canyon Coaster, which goes through canyons and mines of the Wild West, Jett & Jinn, which features a little boy and his cat flying through the city and Snowride, a thrill ride across snow-covered ski slopes.

The XD Theatre, is located at Schiphol Plaza across from the Meeting Point. You must be age five or over to ride. Admission: 6 EURO – about $8.

Here’s a sample.