Happy 25th Anniversary to PHL’s Art Program

 Congratulations to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), and Director of Guest Experience/art program curator Leah Douglas, on the 25th anniversary of the airport’s award-winning Airport Exhibitions Program.

Since 1998, local artists and arts organizations have filled PHL’s terminals with more than 500 unique exhibitions.

“PHL has a unique opportunity with its global audience to promote Philadelphia’s unique treasures to the world – its arts, culture, and history,” said Douglas. During the 25 years of the program, Douglas has drawn on the talents of local artists, the region’s cultural and creative organizations, and the holdings of the city’s museums to keep the art exhibits at PHL airport fresh, inviting, and inspiring.

Some of our favorite exhibitions include the Bottle Clock and the time PHL invited local people to display their special collections.

Beer Bottle Clock

PHL offers 32 exhibitions annually in 16 locations throughout the airport and has four locations where the artwork remains on view long-term. There are also live artist demonstrations.

So if you’re passing through PHL airport, don’t just sit at your gate, go see some art.

For a bit of encouragement, check out the “PHL HeART Scavenger Hunt Challenge” developed by Eric Dale. Twenty-five hearts made by local street artist Amberella are hidden throughout Terminals A-East and A-West. Guests finding 10 or more by following clues on QR codes can win prizes.

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