Light Paintings at John Wayne Airport (SNA)

(Time Traveler, by Christopher Allwine)

It’s been a while since Stuck at the Airport featured an art exhibit from the John Wayne Airport Arts Program. But we’re delighted to get them back in the cycle with this post highlighting the current exhibit featuring photography by Christopher Allwine.

Allwine specializes in the technique of light painting. And he achieves neon-like effects through the use of long exposure times and handheld light tools.

“Utilizing theatrical and cinematic techniques, he manages composition, creates mood, and leads the viewer’s eye,” the exhibition notes tell us. “These images are not Photoshop creations, they are unique designs blending physical props with photographic innovation.”

(Ride the Snake Highway – Christopher Allwine)

The exhibit is on view pre-security at the John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Clara, CA on the upper Departure Level near security in Terminals A, B, and C and on the lower Arrivals Level by Baggage Carousels 2 and 4 through June 14, 2023.

Here are some more images from the exhibit.

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