Light, Space & Sound at LAX Airport

International arriving passengers moving through the West Gates tunnel in the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) pass by a series of art pieces exploring light sound, and space.

The exhibition, put together by dublab and the LAX Art Program, presents work by pioneers and innovators of one of Los Angeles’ homegrown visual art movements, the Light & Space Movement.

The Light & Space Movement, which has been called ‘California Minimalism,’ is an outgrowth of the NY Minimalist art movement and features work that uses light, color, Space Age materials, and technology.

Luminaries of Light & Space at LAX has an audio component too. Dublab’s Orchestrina features 30 composers “pushing the sonic envelope forward.”

Read more about this exhibit here.

(Gisela Colón – Parabolic Monolith (Borealis)

(Hap Tivey – Flame)


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