Gate passes; jet travel; and art fans

Sharing some of the stories we’ve written recently for our friends over at The Points Guy site:

Airport gate pass programs are back

Before the pandemic, a handful of airports around the country offered gate pass programs that allowed non-ticketed visitors to join ticketed passengers on the security checkpoint lines and on the secure side of the terminals. Most of those programs were put on hold during the pandemic. But now they’re back. Find out more in our story here.

Reality Check: Private Jet Travel

Fly commercial first class is very swanky. Private jet travel is even more exclusive, but far more expensive at $5,000 to $6,000 per hour. You’ll need to do your homework before you book a trip. Especially now that many of the issues and problems facing commercial aviation – and the rest of the economy – are having an impact on private aviation as well. Here’s our story on private jet travel right now.

Art Fans On Display at PHL Airport

Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) newest art exhibition, “Fans of Homage,” features church-style-inspired fans made by Ife Nii Owoo. The fans, which have thick wooden handles and exquisitely decorated blades, are designed to heighten awareness of issues faced by Black Americans and are also a call for justice.

See our story on the Art Fans exhibit at PHL here.

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