Souvenir Sunday at Honolulu Airport

On Sundays, we take a look at some of the fun, inexpensive and locally-themed items you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.

Here are a few of our favorites from the Honolulu International Airport:



hnl mugs

Do you spend time in the shops when you’re stuck at the airport?

If you spot something fun, inexpensive, locally-themed and, ideally, a bit wacky, please snap a photo and send it along to

If your souvenir is featured on Souvenir Sunday, we’ll send you a travel-themed souvenir.

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One thought on “Souvenir Sunday at Honolulu Airport

  1. Kiera Reilly says:

    I saw this post when you shared it on the #TravelSkills chat today, and I love the theme Souvenir Sundays. I usually breeze through shops and don’t take a look at the inexpensive local items, but now I will! First I need to see what you found at LAX, my home airport!

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