Would you use this? Airhook

There are gadgets galore out there promising to make life easier on the road.

Some work. Some don’t.

Here’s one, called the Airhook, that just got funded on Kickstarter.

The inventor, Craig Rabin, describes it as “an easy tool that allows airline travelers to use their seat’s tray table to securely hold an electronic device and beverage—all while allowing for maximum legroom.”

Check out a video of the Airhook in action.

Would you use it?


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2 thoughts on “Would you use this? Airhook

  1. Hajime Sano says:

    Very cool device! Does one have to wait until after takeoff (and remove before approach) to use this device?

  2. Mike Frisco says:

    It’s a great idea, but what’s with the cupholder? I’d never use that.

    If they made a smaller Airhook without a cupholder I’d totally jump on this.

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