Airport art you can’t see at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

There are a lot of reasons to be disappointed about the fact that the Berlin Brandenburg Airport has missed the target opening date by years.

Reason #57: the art.

Although the terminal has some serious infrastructure issues, artwork specially commissioned for the building has been installed.

One of the pieces you can’t see is called “The Magic Carpet,” by Pae White, which hovers over the unused check-in lobby:

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Another piece, called “Gadgets,” by Olaf Nicolai, looks likes a giant string of pop beads and is strung over the jet bridge for the only A380-compatible gate.

When the airport does finally open (if it opens… ) passengers will notice that the beads are designed to change color to match the livery of the airplane at the gate.

Gadget, by Olaf Nicolaiby, is one of the artpieces comissioned for the BER airport.  (1)

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