In progress: wish list of airport amenities for 2014

Hilo Airport one mile

2014 will arrive in just a few days and here at Stuck at the Airport we’re making a wish list of amenities we’d like to see touch down at airports in the new year.

Here’s a list of some of the “wants” that have been sent to me so far. Feel free to add your own…

“More outlets”

“More massage places”

“Free basic Wi-Fi in all airports”

“CVS-type stores”

“Wireless recharging spots”

“More relaxation areas like those at Helsinki and Taiwan airports”

“More 10-minute manicures and Minute Suites”

“Working electrical outlets”

“More work desks”

We’re got a few more days to add to the list, so please let me know what fresh amenities you’d like to see in airports in 2014.

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3 thoughts on “In progress: wish list of airport amenities for 2014

  1. BJ says:

    A supermarket. The deli section would make up sandwiches and salads and have rotisserie chicken to take with for our departure, staples to pick up and take home for our return. Fresh baked breads. Flowers.

  2. Michele Lasker says:

    How about seats that are actually comfortable to sit in at the airport?

    How about TSA employees that know what they are doing?

    How about doors that actually lock in the bathrooms instead of swinging open when the next person opens their door?

  3. syfort says:

    I think these are all great amenities and every little bit helps. People are spending more and more time at the airport and anything that relieves the stress is always good. I know passengers we work with in the taxi/limo service are frequently asking for a charge on their phone when they enter the vehicle but if they had more outlets in the terminal I think that would address a widespread need.

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