Winners: Best U.S. Airports for Art

ALBANY_Flying Fish small

A while back, USA Today asked me to nominate airports with great art for one of their “10 Best” contests.

It was a tough assignment. The list needed to be geographically inclusive and include airports large and small.  And, despite the fact that I could easily tick off 50 airports with great art, I was limited to a nomination list of 20.


The voting was hot and heavy. Many airports – including a few I had not nominated – campaigned vigorously. Local newspapers trumpeted the fact that their local airport was on the list. And social media was abuzz (dare I say atwitter?) with reminders and exhortations to vote.

Now we have winners:

1. Denver International Airport

2. Albuquerque International Airport

3. Philadelphia International Airport

4. Pittsburgh International Airport

5.  San Francisco International Airport

6. Mineta-San Jose International Airport

7. Albany International Airport (New York)

8. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

9. Chicago=O’Hare International Airport

10. Sacramento International Airport

Of course, the big winners are the passengers that get to travel through these and other airports with great art.

Thanks, everyone, for voting!

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