Fresh Art at Indianapolis International Airport

IND Kleeman

David Kleeman, Jump-Flyer, found objects, 2012


A fresh batch of art has been installed at Indianapolis International Airport (IND) and among the work that will be on display through August 4 are some of the odd and endearing creatures created by Indianapolis-based David Kleeman, a painter and sculptor who combines found objects with clay and wood elements.

IND_Kleeman Naked

David Kleeman, Naked, wood, stone, copper and found objects, 1996


You can find more of Kleeman’s work here.

The new batch of art also includes work by Walter Lobyn Hamilton,, who makes art out of vinyl records, and a selection from Brigid Manning-Hamilton’s 2011 Elements in the Landscape series, for which she photographed natural objects and man-made structures in the Indiana landscape, altered the images with Photoshop, printed them on silk using freezer paper and a digital printer and stitched through layers of the printed silk with rayon, silk, and cotton threads.

IND_Oasis On U.S. 41

Brigid Manning-Hamilton, Oasis on U.S. 41, silk with silk and cotton thread, 2011


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