Fresh art Indianapolis International Airport

There are several fresh art installations at Indianapolis International Airport, including video animation, photography, videography, hand-blown glass, metal sculpture, paintings, beadwork and more.

Here’s a preview:

Barry Anderson’s
Lawn Ornaments will be displayed on the airport’s video wall through June.

In Lawn Ornaments, Anderson creates a bug’s-eye view of a slow march across a suburban lawn, with roiling clouds above, subtle images in the grass, and the occasional leap of a snail shell. The original version is 3-1/2 minutes long, with five computers taking the better part of a week to render it for the On Screen program.

IND_Rights of Passage

In addition to hand-blown glass and metal sculptures by Lisa Pelo and other new pieces, IND airport will be displaying Rights of Passage , by Anila Quayyum Agha. The work (sample above) incorporates “motifs from the graves of women at the Makli Hill necropolis near the Indus River Delta in Pakistan, where the designs on the graves resemble the embroidered garments and jewelry the women wore in life.”

More information about what’s up, art-wise, at Indianapolis International Airport here.

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