Travel tidbits: fired flight attendant & fresh, future airport amenities

Today – a few tidbits from the inbox at

First up: there are some very interesting comments to my story from earlier this week about the Virgin America flight attendant who says she was fired for asking a breastfeeding passenger to cover up.

KLM is asking travelers to send in photos for consideration for the KLM 2013 wall calendar.  Upload a image from a place KLM travels to and get your friends to vote – all before June 29th.  Winning images will show up on the KLM Fan Calendar, which  you can then purchase (of course…) in the KLM webshop.  One fun item for sale in the shop: Stewardess Yourself mugs made out of the image you create with the Stewardess Yourself program.

And a couple of things to look forward to at a couple of airports:

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) announced that Airport Plazas will build a 2.5 acre, multi-function service plaza near the airport that will include pumps for gasoline and natural gas fuels, a convenience store, car wash, auto service bay (a tune-up while you’re waiting for your loved one to arrive? Great idea!), fast food restaurants and a new airport cell phone parking lot. Opening date: mid-2013.

Sound like a useful idea? Airport Plazas is currently operating, building or in negotiations to build service similar facilities at Newark (already built and operating), JFK, Ft. Myers, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

And the Vancouver Airport Authority has announced that it is planning to develop a luxury designer outlet center near Vancouver International Airport.

The new center will open in phases, beginning in the fall of 2014, and feature European and North American luxury, designer and mainstream brands.

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