Teapot Dome Gas Station has a new home

Since 1922, this teapot-shaped gas station has been a fixture on a highway near Zillah, WA. Built as a comment on the Teapot Dome scandal , the service station was in operation through the 1980s, but has been boarded up since then.

No longer on “the” main highway, the classic roadside attraction was in danger of fading away. But, luckily, the City of Zillah stepped forward to save the teapot.

Thanks to individual donations, grants and a loan, the teapot was picked up and moved recently to a new site right in town. Repair and restoration is underway, with a ribbon cutting scheduled for mid-May.

Zillah's teapot has a new home

Zillah's teapot is getting a makeover

When the teapot is completed, it will serve as welcome center for visitors stopping in town.

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  1. Sol says:

    Gotta love that teapot gas station! I hope you serve tea in there.

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