Unusual airport amenities: valets for fish and wedding dresses

As airport amenities go, these may not be the sort of services you’ll use often – or ever – but there are pretty cool: at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport – which is located inside the Vancouver International Airport – there’s a fish valet who makes sure halibut, salmon and other sea creatures stay safely chilled while a fisherman is making a stopover.

The airport also has a wedding dress valet. Brides staying at the hotel before jetting off on their honeymoon can leave their wedding gown at the hotel and pick it up when they fly home.

(Photo courtesy UW digital collection, via Flickr)

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One thought on “Unusual airport amenities: valets for fish and wedding dresses

  1. David Urmann says:

    Changi Airport in Singapore has a great place to smoke. Its basically an outside botanical garden with chairs and tables and even a bar. For smokers who are usually forced into small rooms with poor ventilation its a nice change of pace.

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