Are airports doing enough for families?

Are airports doing all they can for families?


Orlando International Airport has a Build-A-Bear store and a giant aquarium. Zurich Airport has staffed playrooms filled with toys, dolls, books, computer games, painting supplies and building sets. Singapore’s Changi International Airport has a four-story indoor slide. And like Las Vegas (above) many airports have fun aviation-themed play areas.

But as I wrote on’s Overhead Bin blog today, a recent survey of more than 1,000 travelers conducted by Skyscanner, a European-based flight search site, suggests that many travelers think airports could do more.

According to the survey, almost 60 percent of participants would like to see soft play areas at airports, while more than half want areas where kid-oriented TV shows or films could be offered.

Also on the wish list were special play areas restricted to the under-five crowd, video game zones, storytelling services, stroller rentals and a kids’ café and bar with complimentary refreshments.

What kid-oriented amenities would you like to see added to airports?

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