Portland International Airport loves cyclists

Despite all the rainy days, Portland, Oregon is known as one of the most bike-friendly and bike-able cities around.

Photo of bicycle

Stenciled bike-riders with personality are everywhere  –

Book-reading bicycle stencil Portland, Oregon

And the city makes it easy to take a bike on the MAX light rail train that runs to and from Portland International Airport, where there’s bicycle parking and easy access to a bike and pedestrian path.

Now the airport has added a welcome and very useful amenity just for cyclists: a bike assembly station where travelers can easily assemble and disassemble their bikes before and after flights.

Portland Airport bicycle assembly station

(Photo courtesy Portland International Airport)

And – here’s a nice touch – Travel Oregon and the Port of Portland have basic bike tools, such as a pedal wrenches and air pumps, available for check out.

Look for the bike assembly stations at Portland International Airport on the lower terminal roadway near the TriMet MAX station.  Check out tools and find out about local cycling activities at the State Welcome Center, near bag carousels 5 and 6.

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2 thoughts on “Portland International Airport loves cyclists

  1. Rene williams says:

    Trying to find lower cost way to train depot Sacramento ca, from smf sac airport. Now in Miami at beach they have bike rent or drop off stations to rent bike by the hour. Why not doable to and from airports? I arrive at 11:55 pm and no no bus that late.

  2. Sandy says:

    This is great news! As a cyclist, having my own bike is really important and it is always a nightmare taking the bike apart and putting it back together before and after a flight. The fact that they have tools available is awesome. Tools are heavy and ackward so this is genius.

    Thanks for this post!

    Sandy Ward

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