Dwell well at San Francisco Int’l and Singapore’s Changi Airport


Dwell magazine’s June 2009 issue picks San Francisco International Airport’s International Terminal as the Best Airport in the United States and Singapore’s Changi Airport as the Best International Airport.

Writer Tom Downs says SFO’s International Terminal “elevates expectations with its sweeping, wing like roof and custom lettering oozing cosmopolitan style… Waylaid travelers can busy themselves with an aquarium, an aviation museum, thoughtful art and culture exhibits, spa treatments, quality restaurants, and wireless Internet.”

changi-aiport-singapore-interiorWhile Downs says Changi Airport’s indoor waterfall “does approach Las Vegas standards of excess…,” he allows that “the vines, tasteful wood trim, and warm tones help offset the coldness commonly found in international hubs.” ¬†And he certainly approves of the “24-hour cinema, spa, showers, children’s play areas, and free Internet service.”

Do you agree?

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One thought on “Dwell well at San Francisco Int’l and Singapore’s Changi Airport

  1. Daniel says:

    I absolutely love Singapore’s airport. So much focus on the visitor/traveler. I spent a night at the airport, hanging out at a bar, using free wifi, and eventually settling in for a few hours at the Plaza Premium Lounge: http://www.flickr.com/photos/incandopolis/2728065103/

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