Denver Int’l Airport: there’s gold in them thar concourses


Well, as this fellow will tell you, maybe not gold nuggets, but lots of cool stuff about gold and the role it had in the history of Colorado.


In their first foray outside a museum environment, The Colorado Historical Society is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the gold rush to the Rockies with an exhibition at Denver International Airport.

The exhibit commemorates the anniversary of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush of 1859 with documents, photographs, music, poetry, guidebooks, maps, letters, and diaries from prospectors and other participants in the gold rush.


I’m looking forward to learning the old-time miner’s definitions of the words rapper, rocker, dog house and kibble.


The Colorado Gold Rush exhibit is on display at Denver International Airport through August, 2009.  You’ll find it stretched out along the walkway leading to  the security-screening checkpoint by the A Gates, so even folks without tickets can enjoy the show.

(All images courtesy of the Colorado Historical Society)

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4 thoughts on “Denver Int’l Airport: there’s gold in them thar concourses

  1. The exhibit was designed for the busy traveler, so some of it can scanned while on the moving walkway, though I understand the walkway is coming out at some point.

  2. There are always exhibits on the airbridge between the terminal and the A Gates (formerly known as the A Concorse). Most of the time, they are related arts and crafts, or history. The moving walkway moves too fast to appreciate the artifacts, let alone read about them, so anyone w/ the time and ability/agility can enjoy a Colorado cultural boost by walking.

    Claire @

  3. Good point! Thanks for the tip!

  4. james says:

    Even if you aren’t headed to concourse A – that checkpoint is often less busy than the two in the main hall. You can access B and C from the elevator down to the train – and it’s a nice walk over the bridge above an active taxiway with a great view of the mountains (on clear days)

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