Souvenir Sunday: fun stuff from Las Vegas airport

Happy Souvenir Sunday (and Happy Mother’s Day)!

Whenever I’m stuck at an airport I poke around for something fun and “of that city” to bring home as a souvenir.

I have just a few rules:

1. No shot glasses or t-shirts

2. Nothing that costs more than $10

3. Nothing generic that’s simply stamped with that city’s name (see rule 1)

Some airports offer more choices than others.  McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas makes it almost too easy.

My first impulse was to buy $10 worth of these Las Vegas candies:


But it was sure bet that I’d finish the candy long before Souvenir Sunday rolled around.  So I kept looking around and found these cute guys over at the mix n’ match fruit-and-nuts kiosk.


Did you find a  great souvenir last time your were stuck at the airport? Share a photo and it may be featured on a future Souvenir Sunday.

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