LAX FlyAway bus raises fares

The last time I visited Los Angeles it cost close to $50 to take a (not very clean) cab ride from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to a downtown hotel.

The ride back to the airport on the clean, comfortable, and non-stop LAX FlyAway bus from Union Station cost just $4. There was even free entertainment, courtesy of a chatty seatmate on his way to a job interview.

Now comes word that, come Jan. 1, 2009, the rates on the LAX FlyAway bus service are going up:

The current $4 one-way fares will increase to $6 on the Union Station and Van Nuys routes and to $5 on the Westwood route. Discounts will available for seniors and people with disabilities. Kids under two still get to ride for free.

Despite the fare increases, these FlyAway buses are still a great deal. And, really, how much fun could it be to try to drive around Los Angeles in a rented car?

Maybe that’s why 1.3 million people used the express airport buses last year and why, as gas prices went up, ridership grew by about 30%.

Even better: The new buses serving the Westwood route are not only clean-fuel buses, they offer free Wi-Fi.

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