Souvenir Sunday: HMSHost and Yowza!! offering airport discounts

While many airports enforce a “street pricing” policy for vendors, it’s not uncommon to experience sticker shock when buying a snack or a souvenir before a flight.

New York City souvenirs

That’s why I’m a fan of the discount-filled┬ácoupon booklet that the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport puts out every two months, the airports that put discount offers on the back of printed boarding passes and the new collaboration between Yowza!! and HMSHost, which operates concessions at many airports.

Right now, you can use the Yowza!! app to find coupons for use at Tampa International Airport and at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where there are discounts offered for Pinkberry, California Pizza Kitchen and LaBrea Bakery. The program should roll out at other airports around the country later this year.