x-ray scanners

LAX art exhibit: Strangers’ Luggage

When you’re standing in line waiting to go through the security checkpoint at the airport, aren’t you just a little bit curious about what the TSA folks are seeing on those x-ray screens as everyone’s carry-on bag passes by?

Los Angeles artist Juanita Meneses must have wondered, because she created a series of paintings, Strangers’ Luggage, depicting hand-painted bags and their x-rayed contents.  Now six 8’ x 8’ vinyl banners depicting those works are on display in the Terminal 3 baggage claim area at Los Angeles International Airport.

“Almost like self-portraits, Meneses’ imagery reveals how objects can identify as well as aid us as we move through the transformative experience of travel. By removing these objects from their usual domestic context, Meneses’ artworks provide an opportunity to contemplate conventional, personal objects as they travel through the public sphere.”

Look for the Strangers’ Luggage series in the Terminal 3 baggage claim at Los Angeles International Airport through July 25, 2010.