Tucson International Airport. Art

Saguaro-inspired art at Tucson International Airport

There’s been a lot of talk about fire and ice and volcanoes this past week, so how about a side-trip to the desert?

A new exhibit at Tucson International Airport features a wide variety of art depicting the iconic Saguaro.

What’s a Saguaro?

“Carnegiea gigantea is native to the Sonoran Desert that extends from Tucson south into the state of Sonora, Mexico. The common name, Saguaro, originated in the language of the Tohono O’odham Native American Nation. While many people pronounce the “g” when saying the name Saguaro, it’s “g” is silent and is pronounced (sa- WAR- o).”

Saguaros are part of the Tucson landscape, so it’s natural that the nine artists whose work is currently on display at the Tucson International Airport would incorporate the plant into their work.

Here are a few examples:

Pam Davidson’s Desert Diva

Naomi Spitzer’s The Crested King

Jack Wennstrom’s untitled watercolor.

You can see the full show at Tucson International Airport, in the Lower Link Gallery, through June 11, 2010.